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Creative Process

For me the reward is in the process rather than the finished product. Working with my hands gives me an all consuming satisfaction and a sense there is nothing I'd rather be doing. All designs are 100% hand made with obsessive attention to detail. It is always important to me to not compromise with the quality of workmanship and let the process take as long as it needs to. I see each project as an opportunity to explore new territory and learn something new.

I am often inspired by ancient mythology and works of other artists particularly from times long past because they have a sense of other worldliness. I use these to create a setting for my designs to live.

'irrepressible tremor gradually pervaded my frame; and, at length, there sat upon my heart an incubus of utterly causeless alarm'

Edgar Allan Poe (1839)

Working With Different Mediums

I use a variety of different mediums depending on the stage and type of project I am working. With a complicated jewellery sculpt for example, I will begin the sculpt using clay as it is more flexible to experiment with much faster to work. I will then create a mould of the sculpture to create a wax copy to apply fine detail. Below shows a progression of the clay model and the transition to wax.

An Emphasis on Anatomy

I use anatomy as a means of expressing character. For example a facial expression should not be seen as a superficial element, it should be understood in terms of its underlying anatomical components, their proportions and interactions.  This allows for creative interpretation and manipulation to evoke the desired effect.